Due to COVID-19, our 2020 Summer Program will be available only to current and past Leap Ahead clients - please contact our main phone number for more information.  We look forward to servicing new clients during our 2021 Summer Program - Updates will be posted March 2021.  Thank you

Summer Program

Ages: 5 - 7 years & 8 - 11 years 

Leap Ahead, Inc. offers morning program, afternoon program, or full-day program options for children with autism & other related disorders. We are accepting children ages 5 to 11 years. If you are interested in your child participating in our Summer Program, please fill out the Program Request Form and the Summer Program Intake Form found on this page. Your request will be reviewed; you will receive a notification if your child has been accepted within 7-10 days. New families require an appointment to ensure you child meets the criteria for our Summer Program.  Registration of a minimum of 4 weeks is required (indicate any 4 weeks on form). Peer role models will be present to aid in facilitating language and social skills on Group Therapy days when available.


Group Structure:

  • Group Therapy with no more than 4 children per group, with a ratio of Therapist to Children to be determined according to developmental and cognitive levels of each group. Each child will have individual goals that coincide with their developmental and cognitive needs. We are accepting 8 children per day for ages 5-7 years (two groups), and 4 children per day for ages 8-11 years (one group).  

  • Academic Days are structured with no more than 5 children per group, with a ratio of Therapist to Children to be determined according to developmental and cognitive levels of each group.  We are accepting 10 children per day for ages 5-7 years (two groups), and 5 children per day for ages 8-11 years (one group).

Monday • Wednesday • Friday

10am - 12pm, 12pm - 2pm

or 10am - 2pm

Academic Days

Insurance Companies Do Not Cover These Days

Math Concepts & Calculations

Reading Comprehension & Fluency Writing Skills

Mechanics of Writing

Expanding Writing Skills

Tuesday • Thursday

10am - 12pm

Group Therapy

(All Age Groups)

These dates may be covered for current Leap Ahead clients.  

Pre-Authorization is required.

Maintaining Conversations with Peers

Interactive Games & Board Games

Cooperative Play & Reciprocal Conversation

Building Social Inferences & Problem Solving Scenarios

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Summer Program Schedules & Fees

Monday • Wednesday • Friday

(Academic Days) 

Private Pay Only (Insurance does not cover Academics)  

$175 per week (6 Hours)

$325 per week (12 Hours)

Morning Program 10am - 12 noon

Afternoon Program 12 noon - 2pm

Full Day Program 10am - 2pm


Tuesday & Thursday 

(Group Therapy)

Insurance may cover Current Leap Ahead Clients

Private Pay – Please call for Program Rates

Morning Program 10am - 12 noon

One time program & materials fee - $125

This is a non-billable fee to insurance companies.


Summer Program Policies


All new clients are required to attend an evaluation at our office (up to one hour) to determine placement, at no charge. 

Our program is designed for children who demonstrate the following behaviors:

  • Attending in a small group for at least 15 minutes.

  • Refrains from engaging in interfering behaviors (i.e. elopement, screaming, crying, aggression, etc.)

Ages Accepted

Our program is designed for children ages 5 - 11.


Schedule Changes

There is a $25 fee for schedule changes & changes will be made if there is availability.

Lunch/Snack/Food Allergies

Children staying full day will need a lunch, drinks and two small snacks. If you are arriving at noon, please provide a lunch, drinks and a small snack. Leap Ahead is a NUT-FREE environment.


Private Payments are due the first of each month. 


Late Fees

A $20.00 late fee is applied to your invoice for every 15 minutes you are late picking up your child. Please understand our therapists have scheduled appointments after our summer program.


We welcome observations from outside providers. The observation must be scheduled on a day that is mutually agreed and in writing one week prior to the observation.

Tug of War


* We are not a Medicaid nor TriCare Provider


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