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Summer Program for ages 3 - 5 is currently FULL

Leap Ahead Little Leaps Group Therapy

Ages 3 - 5

Little Leaps is a five-day morning program dedicated to establishing and providing a safe, caring, and structured environment for children on the autism spectrum. Little Leaps will facilitate your child’s learning and development by using behavior modification strategies, positive reinforcement for socially appropriate behaviors, and using Natural Environment Teaching. Little Leaps employees strive to make all experiences exciting and pleasant in order to help your child grow and learn valuable skills.

We welcome new families anytime throughout the year. The Director of Little Leaps will meet with your family to establish your child’s unique and individual needs. 

Little Leaps Group Therapy
Little Leaps Group Autism Therapy
Little Leaps Group Autism Therapy



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:

9 am - 11 am

Ages 3 - 5 

Other Important Information

Contact our office for self-pay rates

A minimum of a two day program is recommended for treatment consistency.

Disclosure: Group Therapy may be covered by insurance companies. Pre-authorization is required to determine coverage.


Social Skills

Our Program Coordinator will assess your child's skill levels and develop appropriate milestone goals in the following areas:


Children are assessed at the beginning of the year using the Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment and Placement Guide (VB-MAPP). Goals are developed based on your child’s unique and individual needs. Skills are taught in a group setting.


During group therapy, children will work on mastering the following skills independently:

  • Engage in parallel play

  • Attend in a group setting for various activities

  • Respond to directions from peers

  • Respond to the requests of peers

  • Initiate greetings to peers

  • Appropriately transition between activities

  • Participate in interactive games

  • Acknowledge an interaction by others by giving an appropriate response

  • Cooperate with peers in small group settings (i.e. share materials, allow peers to share different thoughts)

  • Engage in appropriate turn-taking skills by attending to peer's turn and waiting for own turn

  • Engage in conversational turn-taking with others across

Prerequisite Skills 

Our program is designed for children who demonstrate the following behaviors: 

  • Attending in a small group for at least 10 minutes

  • Refrains from engaging in interfering behaviors (i.e. elopement, screaming, crying, aggression, etc.)

  • Is able to follow simple one step instructions

  • Can communicate with at least 15 words (verbally or with communication device)

  • The child does not need to be toiled trained for our program

If your child doesn't meet these prerequisite skills or they require individual support, then they will be removed from this setting and offered 1:1 ABA Therapy, if available.

Our Staff


All employees are selected for their love of children & the desire to make a difference in a child’s life, as well as their teaching skills and background.


Staff include:


  • The Founders

  • Registered Behavior Technicians

  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts


Our staff have annual TB tests with negative results & have cleared a Criminal History Record Check. They are all trained & certified in CPR, First Aide, Inhaler & EpiPen administration.

Peer Role Models


We are seeking children, with typically developing skills, as role models for our program. 


This is a unique opportunity for children to learn leadership abilities as well as promote healthy behaviors, communication, and social skills in children with autism. We are offering a flexible schedule and reduced rates.

The prospective role model must come in for observation to ensure the child is an appropriate fit for our program.

Little Leaps Group Autism Therapy

Our Mission


Little Leaps Group Therapy is dedicated to establishing an integrated, safe, caring, & structured environment for your child.

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