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Join Us for Social Saturdays!

Group Therapy is on HOLD at this time due to COVID-19

The Importance of Social Groups

As children get older, they become part of a larger social world. Many parents are concerned about the lack of their child’s relationships. These relationships can vary with children, teachers, and other adults. Indicated below are signs that a child may need some social coaching.


Some examples are:


  • lacks at least one or two close friends

  • poor eye contact

  • poor joint attention

  • has trouble losing or winning with good sportsmanship

  • doesn’t show empathy when others are hurt

  • difficulty with problem solving

  • acts bossy or insists on his or her own way

  • can’t seem to start or even maintain conversation

  • uses a louder voice than other children

  • unintentionally annoys other children

Autism Services in Manassas, VA
Autism Program Manassas, VA

Program Details


Leap Ahead Office



9:30am -11:30am



November 4th & 18th

December 2nd & 16th



$90.00 (two-hour session) 


(Children alternate between events every 20-30 minutes) 

  • Sensory & Music Movement

  • Arts & Crafts - Themed Art Project

  • Lego Play Therapy

  • Board Games and Interactive Games


(Socialization will be incorporated throughout the morning) 

Age Groups:

Our groups are designed for children between ages 7-10. Our groups are divided based on the child's age and cognitive levels.


We welcome observations by parents and outside providers. However, we require a weeks notice for the specific day you would like to observe. We must receive consent from all families that enrolled for that day. 


  • Your child must be able to attend to a group lesson for at least 15 minutes

  • Must not display disruptive behaviors (hitting, bitting, scratching, yelling). Please understand we will not be able to address disruptive behaviors during group instructions.

Peer Role Models:

We will do our best to have peer role models present during our groups.

How can parents help their children develop better social relationships?

Enrolling your child in a social skills group can be beneficial in teaching critical life-long socialization skills. Social groups focus on gaining joint attention, sharing, reciprocal play, non-verbal cues/communication, problem solving, developing an interest in others, increasing eye contact, emotions, sportsmanship, and conversation.

Autism Social Skills Group
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